Ghost in the Invisible Bikini Credits

82 min. | color | AIP | released: april 6, 1966

American International Productions | Pathecolor/Panavision | 35mm
Budget: $200,000 | Box Office: $1.5 million


Tommy Kirk ... as Chuck Phillips
Deborah Walley ... as Lili Morton
Aron Kincaid ... as Bobby
Quinn O’Hara ... as Sinistra
Jesse White ... as J. Sinister Hulk
Harvey Lembeck ... as Eric Von Zipper
Nancy Sinatra ... as Vicki
Claudia Martin ... as Lulu
Francis X. Bushman ... as Malcolm
Benny Rubin ... as Chicken Feather
Bobbi Shaw ... as Princess Yolanda
George Barrows ... as Monstro

Special Guest Star Basil Rathbone ... as Reginald Ripper
And Patsy Kelly ... as Myrtle Forbush
Also Featuring Boris Karloff ... as The Corpse (Hiram Stokely)
Susan Hart ... as The Ghost (Cecily)
Piccola Pupa ... as Piccola

Luree Holmes
Ed Garner
Frank Alesia
Mary Hughes
Salli Sachse
Patti Chandler
Sue Hamilton

Alberta Nelson ... as Puss
Andy Romano ... as J.D.

Rat Pack
Myrna Ross
Jerry Brutsche
Bob Harvey
John Macchia
Allen Fife (billed as Alan Fife)

And Introducing The Bobby Fuller Four Musical Instruments by VOX

Elena Andreas ... as Statue
Herb Andreas ... as Statue
Gary Daily
Bobbi McCall
Christopher Riordan

Production Supervisor: Jack Bohrer
Director of Photography: Stanley Cortez A.S.C.
Art Direction: Daniel Haller
Film Editors: Fred Feitshans A.C.E. & Eve Newman
Sound Editors: James Nelson & Gene Corso
Musical Supervision: Al Simms
Musical Score by: Les Baxter
Choreography by: Jack Baker
Costumer: Richard Bruno
Titles and Photographic Special Effects by: Butler-Glouner, Inc.
Special Effects by: Roger George
Ghost Sequences Produced by: Ronald Sinclair & Carol Sinclair
Assistant Director: Clark Paylow
Properties: Karl Brainard & Richard M. Rubin
Mixer: Wally Nogle
Makeup: Ted Coodley
Hair Stylist: Ray Foreman
Set Decorator: Clarence Steenson
Construction Coordinator: Ross Hahn
Production Assistant: Jack Cash
Sound: Ryder Sound Services, Inc.
Co-Producer: Anthony Carras
Produced by: James H. Nicholson & Samuel Z. Arkoff
Screenplay by: Louis M. Heyward & Elwood Ullman
Story by: Louis M. Heyward
Directed by: Don Weis
Assistant Choreography by: Christopher Riordan (uncredited)