One Way Wahine | 1965

80 min. | color | United Screen Arts | released: september 1965

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Beautiful Hawaiian locations and a cool bachelor pad don’t make this movie any less terrible. Joy Harmon plays Kit Williams, a girl who came to Hawaii on a one-way ticket, or a “one-way wahine.” She meets up with Lou Talbot (David Whorf), a liquor store delivery boy who has run across some Chicago gangsters (Lee Krieger and Ken Mayer) in hiding. The horny gangsters promise to pay Lou $50 from their dresser full of cash if he can set them up with some ladies who like to have a good time. Instead, Lou devises an overly complicated scheme involving Kit and her friend, Brandy (Adele Claire), posing as prostitutes to steal all the gangster’s money. Things go very wrong, the girls get violently smacked around and Kit nearly gets raped. This is a comedy by the way. They escape with their lives and the money (sort of) to find in the paper the next morning that the gangsters have been shot dead by the FBI. You won’t believe or even care about the surprise “Ocean’s 11”-esque ending. Alvy Moore (Hank Kimball from “Green Acres”) makes a couple appearances as Kit’s creepy, lecherous landlord.