Ski Fever | 1966

98 min. | color | Allied Artists | released: december 23, 1966

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Tedious movie about vacationing girls being preyed upon by male ski instructors at an Austrian ski resort. The best looking girl is placed in room six by the creepy hotel manager who has rigged the bed to a pinball machine on the floor below. Any extra weight on the bed will cause the pinball machine to tilt. All the guys place bets on who can tilt the machine first. Martin Milner is the new American ski instructor with eyes for the latest room six girl, Claudia Martin. He wants no part in the betting but gets in trouble for it anyhow. Things are resolved with some terrible music and a downhill ski race.

Curt Siodmak, who wrote and directed this is better known for classic Universal horror movies including the original Wolfman with Lon Chaney Jr. Producer, Wolfgang Schmidt is actually a pseudonym of Ray Dennis Steckler. A hard-to-find movie that took me three sittings to get through.